The Book: 2016 in Stories and Pictures

Highlights of the SSRES 2016

Chapter 1

Our students have finally arrived to Astana. Nick, Tess, Stu and Yizhen were exploring all of the most prominent (and not really) places of the capital. This week was really tough, there were challenging classes and absolutely new environment, in which our students seem to fit. Being hard workers during the day, they were playing even harder during the spare time. Dean of SHSS, professor Daniel Pugh, has invited everyone who is involved in to the project for the Welcome Dinner! That was where students started to get acquainted with traditional cuisine aaand got some taste of traditional dancing style. On Saturday (4/6) our guests were able to visit “Eagle Hunting”, which comes alone form ancient nomadic times. They were really fascinated by what they have seen. Additional gratitude for everyone who is involved in this projects, without your contribution this would not be possible. We have already became like a small family.

Be prepared, as more surprises to come!

Chapter 2

Last weekend our students had a chance to see one of the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan – Burabai (Borovoe). Kazakhstani Switzerland is the second name given to Burabai, and is a resort, known far beyond Kazakhstan, rich in health centers, which are involved in climalology treatment and treatment by cumis (horse’s milk).

Chapter 3

On the trip to the National Museum of Kazakhstan and at the opera “Abay”. Students meet fascinating history and culture of Kazakhstan through the prism of time!


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