Frequently Asked Questions

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What should you bring with you to Astana?

Here is a survival kit!!!

In dormitory you might need:

  • Desk lamp (can be bought or borrowed in Astana)
  • Cleaning supplies (you can buy everything in Astana)
  • Personal dishes in case you are going to cook for yourself or eat in the room (a mug, a spoon, a plate, a knife, a fork, and cooking stuff if you wish – there is a kitchen on each floor but you can eat at the cafeteria or buy your dishes locally)
  • Slippers, pajamas
  • Clothes hangers (if needed, they can be bought locally)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Your medications
  • A hairdryer, if needed

What clothes to bring:

  • Of course, it’s up to you, however, you should bear in mind that you’re coming for the summer period. Usually, summer s here are hot, but some days may be cold; it may be rainy sometimes, so take not only summer clothes, but also warm clothes, such as sweaters, hoodies, jackets and boots. Do not be afraid, it is never too cold!
  • Also, bring your swimsuits!

Other stuff:

  • You may need anti-mosquito spray/cream
  • Do not forget your documents!
  • It is better to bring currency in US dollars or euros, since these currencies are easily exchangeable
  • As for SIM-cards, you should buy them in Astana
  • Also notebooks, pencils and other office supplies can be bought in Astana

What our University looks like?

Follow the link:)

Nazarbayev University Video-Guide

What kind of clothes to bring to Kazakhstan. Are t-shirt and sundresses OK?

 There is nothing special about the way people dress up in Kazakhstan: the style is pretty standard and you will definitely not look weird in your clothes from US or Europe.  For girls: t-shirts, skirts, sundresses, shirts without sleeves, shorts, jeans, trousers, dresses open shoes, sandals, and snickers are OK.  June and July can be really hot in Astana, so think about some really light-coloured clothes to save you from heat. Do not also forget your sunglasses and caps.

What kind of weather should we expect?

Weather forecasts tell us to expect 23-24 Celsius ( 73-74 Fahrenheit), which is pretty warm temperature for Astana. But be prepared for unexpected changes in weather: it can get windy, rainy, or extremely hot over the course of one week. So, summer clothes, as well as light jackets, hoodies, sweaters, jeans and sneakers are highly recommended.

What should I do with my mobile phone?

Be careful with that. Before coming to Astana, make sure that your phone supports GSM (type of mobile connection) and SIM-card can be inserted. Iphone,Samsung, LG, HTC will work, but again, do not forget to unlock so you will be able to use it abroad.


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