Visa and Passport Information

Immigration regulations are subject to change at short notice. Prospective visitors are advised to check on the current situation before departure.


Students must have passports that are valid for at least six months beyond the period of intended stay. Nationals of Kazakhstan who live abroad need passports which are valid at least six months beyond the date of entry.


International students need a visa to come to Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev University’s International Cooperation Department will provide assistance to students applying for their visa. After a student is admitted to the summer program, Nazarbayev University will send a detailed letter with instructions about how to apply for a visa and detailing next steps. Below is a brief overview of the process.

Nazarbayev University will provide visa invitation letters (VIL) which will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). It will take up to 10-15 days to issue the VLA from the MFA. We will need the following student information in order to prepare the VIL:

  1. A photocopy of the passport
  2. Home address.
  3. Student’s major at their home institution
  4. Place of visa issuance (location where you will be applying for the visa).
  5. Copy of student’s university ID card

After the issuance of the VIL from the MFA our International Cooperation office will email the scanned copies of the VIL. This form needs to be enclosed with your visa application package and sent to the appropriate Kazakhstan Embassy/Consulate via a visa processing agency:

The visa application package should include:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Visa invitation letter (VIL)
  3. Visa Application. A separate visa application form must be completed for each person. All fields must be completed otherwise your application may be refused. Please see the Visa application instructions for details.
  4. Photo. One passport size (3,5×4,5 cm) photo of the applicant, which should be stapled to the marked space in the upper right hand corner of the application form.
  5. Letter of Request. A letter with a request to issue a visa addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Please, indicate your name, the purpose of your trip, your contact in Kazakhstan, the dates of your planned trip, and places to be visited. Sample of the letter.
  6. Letter from university/college/school. Please provide a letter confirming your enrollment.
  7. Consular fee. Consulate accepts only a money order for visa processing fee. Please attach a photocopy of your money order. Cash, and business or personal checks will not be accepted. Visa fees may vary by the citizenship of student.

For more information please visit this page.

Registration with the Immigration police

Upon arrival to Kazakhstan all students receive a local immigration card at the airport by the customs guards. The card should not be lost and must be kept in your passport. If it is lost the passport holder will not be allowed to leave the country until a replacement has been obtained. Foreigners are required to register with the Immigration police upon arrival within 5 calendar days. To register, International students will need to submit their passports to NU’s Department of International Cooperation within 5 business days from the date of entry to Kazakhstan. The same registration rules apply for every re-entry to Kazakhstan. All visa-related questions should be addressed to Miras Sharipov (