Gulnara Omarbekova

I am Gulnara Omarbekova. Teaching languages is my life. My personal style of teaching brings enthusiasm, cultural elements, and critical thinking approach into the classroom to increase learning motivation. Although I am a teacher of a long experience, but I am constantly searching for effective teaching practices to help students conduct successful learning.


Welcome to Kazakhstan!

 1. Qosh keldiniz! – Welcome!


2. Baursaki


3. Besbarmak


4. Survival Vocabulary.


  • Mening atym … – My name …
  • ui – home
  • duken – shop
  • koshe – street
  • qaida – where?
  • qashan – when?
  • kim – who?
  • nege – why?
  • qalai – how?
  • qansha – how many? How much?

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