Student Life

Городская кофейня

Housing and Meals


International students will live in our NU dormitories. A typical room has two beds, two study desks, wardrobes or built-in closets, and bath. Students will also have access to a fully-equipped kitchen in the dormitories. Dormitories contain everything a student needs including a small grocery store, pharmacy, laundry, cafeteria, salon, study rooms, and more. There is security at the entrance to the dormitories and resident assistance is available 24/7. All persons entering the area must display a student pass issued by NU.

The meal plan includes two meals a day (lunch and dinner) from Monday to Friday. For breakfast, students can prepare food in their kitchens, or purchase breakfast at the cafeteria or at one of the coffee shops on campus. Weekend meals will be either included in the excursions, or will be purchased separately.

Events at Nazarbayev University

Students will be able to participate in the regular student and academic life at Nazarbayev University during our regular Summer Term.

Gym and Other Facilities Access


Students will get a free gym pass for the duration of the program.


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